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FIRE PREVENTION - Segù Engineering Division
Our FIRE FIGHTING and FIRE PREVENTION fittings are used to avoid accidents and, in case they happen, to control their effects.
An efficient FIRE PREVENTION system is articulate as follows:
Our prevention systems:
(projected to avoid possible accident causes of that could determine danger situations or give origin to fire)
• emergency and survey logic
• safety special fittings
• temperature, level, pressure controls
Our passive protection systems :
(systems who can limit the extension and the gravity of the consequences without requiring the intervention of machinery or people)
• compartmentation by fire stop walls, attics and door and windows
• sealing with “Class 0” material in the spaces between walls and attics
• various typologies of REI protections
• flame retardant fabrics (Class 0 of reaction to the fire)
• screening protections
• fire retarding treatment of materials
• air and smoke flows
• natural ventilation smokes extraction
• mechanical extraction by fans
• fire and smoke stop cloaks
Our active protection systems:
(systems, devices, fittings, PROJECTED for a definite event and able to directly attend on the dynamic and chemical aspects of combustion, so that, with manual or automatic intervention, they can obtain the fire extinction)
• water (rain) fittings
• foam fittings
• dust fittings
• carbon dioxide fittings
• halon substituting quenching agents fittings
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