RADIANT HEATING - Segù Engineering Division

Radiant heating, is generally adopted where there is the need to heat large areas, such as, for example, industrial buildings, and it is considered optimal for safety, energy saving, ease of installation and maximum versatility.
Essentially consists of a generator, a burner, a radiant circuit fully customizable depending on your needs, and an electrical control panel.

It allows to heat only the working areas where there is a presence of people, avoiding the layering air and the convective move.

The heating is made by thermal infrared radiation.

The temperature in workrooms should be adequate for human beings, during the working time, taking into account the working methods used and the physical demands placed on workers.
The existing law provides a minimum temperature of thermal comfort in working areas (industrial halls) to safeguard the health of the workers who stood in the winter of +16 ° C / +18 ° C.

This system ensure :
An excellent heating comfort
No stratification
No convective motion
Healthier and cleaner air
Energy conservation

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